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Star Wars : Zam Wesell set to be part of volume 4 of 30th anniversary hardcover series April 10, 2007

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Zam Wesell has a very brief role to play in Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones.
As such, it’s easy enough just to write this sentient off as a bounty hunter scum associate of Jango Fett right?


In this graphic novel Zam Wesell teams up with Jango Fett to actually….get this…


Turns out they gave a real nutcase a weapon capable of destroying Coruscant and both Jango and Zam actually do have some kind of conscience.
This is an excellent graphic novel, solid story with decent art.

ShowMeSciFi highly recommends this graphic novel to those interested in seeing another side of this misunderstood bounty hunter.

If you can’t find the original graphic novel – not too worry you’re going to get a second chance real soon.

The original graphic novel is also set to be included in Volume 4 of Dark Horse’s 30th Anniversary Star Wars Series – so if you want to wait to see this in a freakin awesome hardcover edition..it’ll be out in June.


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