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Flash Gordon To Keep Queen Theme Song June 29, 2007

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Flash -AH ah!

GREAT NEWS! The upcoming SciFi Flash Gordon series will be keeping the Queen theme music from the 1980’s Flash Gordon film.

Kind of.

“[We’re] looking at updating the Queen song just a bit,” Mark Stern, executive vice president of original programming for SCI FI Channel, told reporters. “So it’s definitely the Queen song we all know and love, with a little something extra. Because it is about communicating the fact that it’s not the ’70s Sam Jones movie with people in spandex and everything we love about that movie. The show is not that campy. But how do you not use that music? It’s so wonderful. So we’re trying to have a little of both, to have our cake and eat it, in that regard. But I don’t believe the music is actually going to be in the series itself.”

Stern also revealed that Ming The Merciless won’t be called the Merciless in the show – THAT SUCKS! –

There will also be a new character – new character called Baylin (Karen Cliché), a bounty hunter from the planet Mongo. Baylin will join Flash (Johnson); his former girlfriend, Dale Arden (Gina Holden); and scientist Dr. Hans Zarkov (Jody Rasciot).

The show is set to debut on SciFi this August and has already been booked for 22 Episodes.

And for good measure…here’s the Queen version of the Flash Gordon theme


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