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Star Wars Legacy of the Force Sacrifice – Review July 2, 2007

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After having owned this book for more than a month, I’m finally ready to write a review of Star Wars Legacy of the Force Sacrifice.

With little doubt this is the worst book in the series so far.

That’s not to say that Sacrifice is a bad book, it’s just that the others ( Exile, Betrayal , Bloodlines and Tempest) are significantly better stories that are better written.

This book is a vehicle for only two things, showing Jacen’s decent to becoming Darth Caedus and the rise Boba Fett as a real leader of Mandalore.

Other issues that this series has been dealing with are neglected and shamefully so.

Ben Skywalker kills the leader of the Correllian government and yet we barely get a graph about what is going on in Corellia.

Han and Leia Solo are far too absent for this story – sure they were over-represented in Exile but their lack of commentary on Jacen’s ascent to power is ludicrous.

While i was certainly time challenged in the month in which i read this book, the simple truth is that this book was not a page turner and didn’t keep me as engaged as the rest. Sure i knew what the outcome was to be, but the path to getting there wasn’t terribly exciting.

Jacen’s decent to the dark side in this book is weak. His ‘Sacrifice’ poorly developed – The whole tassles thing in the previous books a waste. Mara Jade Skywalker’s death a waste.

Lumiya’s death at the hands of Luke Skywalker was also something that i found to be – ‘offensive’. Luke is not a Sith and doesn’t walk around decapitating his enemies (no matter how emotional he might be).

And what of Darth Caedus. He kills Mara and then goes to Ziost. Why not Korriban? Why not ask Lumiya for a Sith Holocron?? Something that can help??

Now Caedus claims to be a master yet he had no master himself. He just became Sith.

Hopefully the next book in the series is better than this one – hopefully it explores and provides proper rationale for what is going on instead of taking wild unbelievable tangents.

Certainly we the fans will read whatever is out – but we the fans deserve better than what we got with Sacrifice.


1. Bored - Michael - June 13, 2008

Well if you read Troy Denning’s and his editor’s comments regarding this series (and Invincible specifically) this was very emotional, and very deep and well thought out. “this (Invincible) was a great ending to the Jacen saga but just a good ending to the Legacy saga,” quite frankly I’d say this whole series was nothing more than a contrived book selling schlockfest, overrun with shock tactics; their “decision” to kill these characters has virtually nothing to do with furthering the series in general (after all the galaxy is “united” again and everything is wrapped up in a nice neat little package in the grand scheme of things) but was just a written scifi version of the Jerry Springer show. My girlfriend watches soap operas that have more invested in their plots than this.

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