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Sandworms of Dune – coming august 7th July 10, 2007

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The followup to last years sensational Hunters of Dune is almost here.
Sandworms is set to be the FINAL FINAL climax to one of the greatest SciFi series of all time.

We will finally see the ultimate showdown between Omnius and Free Humans and will finally see the absolute last chapter of this series (or not).

There are so many thing at play in this series it’s difficult to speculate on how things will end up other than to say that somehow humanity will prevail (hopefully).


1. Stuart Kinloch - August 3, 2007

I must have read the original 6 books by Frank about a dozen times over the years, most recently before reading ‘Hunters of Dune’. Iv also read all the prelude and house novels with a compulsive addictiveness that no other science fiction series appears able to match. As to the way the saga has unfolded since Chapter House im sure im not alone in feeling some disenchantment with the style of writing in the new books, a change which Brian admits to.
Keven.J.Anderson is a gifted author in his own right, his current Saga of the Seven Suns is a cracking read. His influence is very evident in the new Dune books however and, unfotunately, does not ‘gell’ as well with the flow of the original series as i would have liked.
That said Hunters of Dune is still an engaging read and ties well into the prelude books, which produced an exciting and ‘believable’ history of the Butlarian Jehad. ( It is a great pity that Frank never mentioned an all powerful Omnius character in his books. If Brian is to be believed he was working on the notes left by his father in writing Hunters. Why would such an important character be omitted in the ‘historical’ notes , which pepper the first 6 books throughout ? )
How will Duncan Idaho save the day ? and what role will the BG play in the end game ?. I dont think Hunters gave us enough to go on and i worry that i wont be convinced that every last potential Omnius in the universe has been destroyed, as we were led to believe in the proceding prelude books.
I dont think there is enough room in just one more book to properly end this magnificent story without it seeming rushed and unsatisfying but i suppose time will tell and i know i will buy and read Sandworms
with the same urgent devotion as ever.

2. SandChigger - August 13, 2007

Sandworms is out…and everything I could have dreamed it would be!

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