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Summer of SciFi – A ShowMeSciFi Calendar July 11, 2007

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It’s a hot summer – for SciFi!

For reference here’s a short list of some of Summer 2007’s big SciFi events as we see them here at ShowMeSciFi :

July 31st – Babylon 5 Lost Tales – released

August 7th – Sandworms of Dune released

August 8th – Star Wars Legacy issue #15 released (where Darth Krayt will finally be revealed)

August 10 – Flash Gordon premiere on SciFi Channel (date is currently not 100% confirmed).

August 28 – Star Wars Legacy of the Force Inferno released (AKA Luke Skywalker goes nuts).

Aug. 30-Sep. 3 – Hugo Awards at the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) at the World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon)


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