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Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashbacks Airing During Flash Gordon October 3, 2007

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How do you get real SciFi fans to watch THE WORST SCIFI SHOW ON TV? (that would be Flash Gordon)…you tease them with little bits of the most anticipated SciFi TV event – the November release of the two hour telemovie Battlestar Galactica Razor.

Why would ANYONE watch Flash Gordon otherwise? I can’t imagine it being extended beyond the 22 episodes that apparently have already been ordered.

Back to the flashbacks…these are the same type of things that SciFi did last years with the Resistance webisodes…we’ve been hearing about them for a little while now but now we know where they will first appear.

If you haven’t read about Razor – check out this earlier post on ShowMeSciFi.com with the teaser trailer.


1. Montgomery Lopez - October 3, 2007

I refuse to watch Flash Gordon or anything the Scifi Channel has to offer. I am starting my boycott early until they fix BSG 4.0 for 2008 only.

2. John Campbell Rees - October 4, 2007

Because Flush Gurgle is on after Doctor Who, and it takes you that long to find the remote control to change chanel.

3. Captain O - October 5, 2007

I personally plan to watch the scifi.com website for BSG to (hopefully) see the flash backs. I’m hoping they are run like the webisodes for the missing year on New Caprica.

I tried liking Flash Gordon, even going to so far as trying to get my co-host on the podcast to try a few episodes. But the rant I sent him on each time I tried on ‘cast was better than any part of Flash Gordon. (Which was the real reason I kept bringing it up.) There is just not enough thought or effort put into the series to make it worth anything.

Maybve they’ll come to their senses and bring back The Dresden Files. That and BSG were my two favorite shows last season.

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