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Battlestar Gallactica Caprica Trailer SUCKS July 28, 2008

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Most trailers are really good. Many are better than the show or film they’re teasing..

Then there is the teaser trailer for Battlestar Gallactica prequel show Caprica.

A show about two families?

Making human looking cylons before they make the toasters?

What the frak is going on??

‘My real name isn’t Adams it’s Adama’??

This doesn’t look good my friends…check out the teaser trailer for yourselves…


1. Matt Tyson - January 30, 2010

LT – don’t feel betrayed! You’re intelligent and analytical and these are your only crimes. This one-true-god plot-line is foundational to BSG v2 and Caprica. As you mentioned, we forgave the producers in serial fashion because we loved the characters. In effect, good politics triumphed over a bad and unsatisfying story from the beginning. Now face the truth – BSG v2 and Caprica are BLUE COLLAR angst through and through. It’s an IQ 100, tough-guy, “I-hate-technology-and-anything-else-I-can’t-understand” diatribe against modern society. The destruction of the colonies and subsequent return to devotion by the survivors, the reassertion of the military and its values, and an overall regression to a simpler life is a WISHFUL THOUGHT, not a tragic re-telling of our once beloved tale. In short, it’s sci-fi for the working-class produced by very talented people who understand, appreciate, and sympathize with the plight of blue-collar gorillas in a very complex society. BSG v2 flies in the face of traditional sci-fi which is visionary, imaginative, curious, and just plain escapist fun. One might even call BSG v2 an insult. Caprica is merely a more obvious expression of the same view. One who’s politics has NOT obscured a low-brow story told for a low-brow audience who’s point-of-view holds obvious sympathy with the producers.

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