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Star Trek Phase II : Blood and Fire…30 yrs later… September 5, 2008

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Not far now friends….
More than 30 years after it should have first aired Star Trek Phase 2: Blood and Fire is almost…almost ready for airing..on the web at least.

Blood and Fire is in our opinion the best of the best for Star Trek Phase II. It’s all action and battle against the mortal enemy of the classic crew..the Klingons..

Pursued and damaged by repeated Klingon attacks, the crew of the Enterprise must respond to the distress call from a Federation research ship. In a matter of hours the ship and crew will be consumed by a nearby star and the crew of the Enterprise will be consumed by an mysterious horror that threatens both ships as the Klingons watch and wait.

Yes this is a fan product from the Star Trek New Voyages people but look at the footage from the trailer…it looks fraking amazIng.


1. Mark - September 10, 2008

That is so damn cool. I wanna be apart of it. All it needed was a spread of photo-torpedos and that would have taken the cake.


2. Richard Locke - November 7, 2008

Some one needs to give these guys a bigger budget or a movie deal. I would definitly with out a dout rather watch a James Cawley star trek movie than jj abrams. These guys have it nailed now. Blood and fire looks much more interesting. I dont enen care about the abrams movie ….I want to see Blood and Fire. definitly
PLEASE keep making these Mr. Cawley.

3. Star Trek Phase II : EPISODE 4 :BLOOD AND FIRE - PART 1 « Show Me SciFi - December 27, 2008

[…] trek new voyages, star trek phase 2, star trek phase II trackback We’ve been excited about the Blood and Fire episode of the fan produced Star Trek Phase II series for months. It’s now available – […]

4. Sarge - December 29, 2008

Thanks for the kudos. We’ve been hard at work and the first half of “Blood and Fire” is finished.

Check it out at http://www.startrekphase2.com.

Line Producer

David-Shelley Jellison - June 14, 2011

What is the current URL for the project? The newvoyages URL has been MIA for some time now. I remember finding you on facebook a bit ago but not now..??

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