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Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 premiere – this doesn’t look good.. September 8, 2008

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Just finishing watching the season two premiere of Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles and we’ve got some mixed feelings. The show tried to be all high flying action packed but it fails on many levels that ultimately will make it inaccessible to the consumer masses that Fox is targeting this show at.

The beginning intro with the ‘sampson and deliliah’ soundtrack in the background was too long on the song and too sharp on the scene cutoffs. If you had never seen Sarah Connor Chronicles before you would completely lost. Of course we’re fans here..so there was a little knowledge we had ..most of it from the season one finale from back in March.

Cameron going bad – ok that was neat…but John Connor saving her in the end and letting her live was lame. Magically she repairs the damage? where was the internal conflict?

And the Cromartie thing? COME ON. The FBI would have known that that body they found had been dead for some time and was not killed in the recent action.

Now the only redeaming scene in the whole show was the final scene where our new Terminator (Shirley Manson) reveals herself as a T1000 model that was just about to be urinated on…that was funny.


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