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Stargate Atlantis S05E11 The Lost Tribe : Evil Asgard October 11, 2008

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What a FANTASTIC episode!!! The bad dudes are really Evil Asgard! who saw that coming? The Asgard are the prime benefactors of humanity without whom Earth wouldn’t have hyperdrive ships/shields or weapons and in Pegasus they will now be an enemy (of sorts).

We get some Traveller action – but not Laryn – Col. Sheppard’s girlfriend..

And Todd goes native – so now he’s a bad guy again and they the Atlanteans still haven’t tested the treatement that would led the Wraith eat regular food which was the whole purpose of the meeting in the first place!

Finally – Dr. Keller – lets Ronon down – that was soo …awkward to watch but well played.


1. Jahad - October 15, 2008

well it had to happen i think Rodney and Keller would go together.

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