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Amazon FAIL on Star Wars Millenium Falcon by James Luceno : They charged more to preorder! October 20, 2008

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!!WARNING!! Be careful when pre-ordering from Amazon.com. We pre-ordered the new Star Wars: Millenium Falcon book by James Luceno more than a month ago. At the time we got  a pre-order price from Amazon of $17.16. Today (the day the book is officially released) Amazon has the price listed at $16.56. So yes Amazon cheated me out of $0.60. 

To add further insult to injury – i had hoped that by pre-ordering i’d get the book when it came out. No such luck! The book shipping notification only came yesterday (oct 20th) meaning i’ll get the book many days after it first hits the bookshelf.


This is the last time we’re likely to pre-order a Star Wars book on Amazon. It’s bad enough they ripped us off by charging more for the pre-order. That’s not right.

Anyone else been frakked by Amazon on SciFi book pre-order?

***UPDATE OCT 24, 2008 *** AMAZON has refunded me the $0.60 and I even got the book – only two days after it hit the stands. Would have been better if it was the same day – esp considering i order this book several months in advance – but still much better than what the email i got from Amazon indicated when this post was first published. My faith in Amazon is (mostly) restored!


1. Brad861 - October 21, 2008

Pricing on Amazon.com as of 21:11 EST shows it at $17.16. You can purchase it from other vendors selling under Amazon.com for cheaper, but Amazon.com has a consistent price for pre-order. Can order through Amazon.com under Strandbookstore for $13.00 + $3.99 shipping.

I agree you should receive the book by day of release.

2. Bored - Michael - October 23, 2008

I’ve preordered things before that changed prices and they refunded the change to my credit card, though I have had problems getting them on time.

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