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Star Trek XI Toys Coming to Burger King November 6, 2008

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Burger King is going to have Star Trek XI toys in 2009. Burger King snuck the announcement in as part of its recent earnings call for 1Q09.


No word yet on what toys we should expect but here’s the ShowMeSciFi.com wish list.

1) NCC-1701 – duhh! that’s the most obvious one

2) Kirk, Spock and Nero figures

3) Phaser

4) USS Kelvin

5) Vulcan Ears

What do you want to see as a toy?

And here’s a little refresher for ya from the first STar Trek Movie tie it at McDonalds – 30 years ago!


Buy tickets to Star Trek now!


1. njgarrod - November 7, 2008




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3. Ed - March 12, 2009

More trek toys!!!!!! Yes!! I need a bigger house!!

4. Friedebarth - April 20, 2009

My wish list:

A JJ Abrams action figure saying “I’m a stupid weener and I suck.”
A model of the JJ Prise with “U.S.S. Crapdesign (NCC-notworthy)”
An inflatable life-size JJ Abrams figure to either put on your voodoo table or stand in your hall of infame.

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