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Star Trek XI Trailer 2 – What’s with the Corvette? November 17, 2008

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The second teaser trailer is out now for Star Trek XI – and it’s the first real views that we get of the action, characters and sets of the new movie.

The trailer starts off with a young Kirk racing along a dirt highway in what looks to be a vintage Corvette Stingray – a little cliched and chessy.

Vulcan is shown as a sort of Superman Fortress of Solitude – what’s up with that?

The NCC-1701 being built looks cool, as does the interior of the ship which kinda sorta looks like a hybrid between the first Star Trek Movie and something out of Minority Report.

Teasers are always supposed to show the coolest stuff – but there is little here in terms of dialogue that really grabs me. No money line as it were – well maybe the ‘buckle up’ or ‘this ship is exciting’ – but we’ve got another six months to go till this thing hits the theatres.


1. Hector the Injector - November 17, 2008

Don’t tell me you’re not familiar with the concept of product placement? Some times is disgustingly obvious, anyone see ‘I, Robot’ or ‘Transformers’? Or better yet, remember a movie back in the ‘80’s called ‘the wizard’? It was a co-op between universal studios and Nintendo, see it and you’ll want to vomit. I’m not all that pleased with the developments of this new Star Trek film. All the things that made the other movies cool and traded for a flimsy story, jam-packed with un-necessary over the top action sequences. I’ll wait for it and see it through netflix maybe some night when I’m trashed on rum and stoned out of my gourd.

2. Star Trek XI Teaser Trailer with Leonard Nimoy « Show Me SciFi - November 26, 2008

[…] Sci Fi, science fiction, scifi, spock, Star Trek, star trek XI trackback This is the same as the trailer that we saw last week except for a 4 seconds add-on with Leonard […]

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