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Futurama Bender’s Game REVIEW – Roll the Dice November 26, 2008

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bendersgameHere’s the short review – the third Futurama movie is easily the worst of the bunch. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad – it’s just that it’s not as good as either Bender’s Big Score or The Beast with a Billon Backs.

We knew that this would be a Dungeon’s and Dragons Lord of the Rings spoof fest – but there really wasn’t anything that innovative or knee-slappingly funny here.

Yes it was entertaining and yes i actually paid for the DVD  – having the Nibblonians being the source of all dark matter – and the whole crap factory thing – SURE that’s funny and the real saving grace for the whole movie.

I just think that more could have been done even on the ‘normal’ side of the D&D game as well as the Dark Matter angles in terms of things that were more than just spoof. Bender (as always) steals the show here and his medieval knight is awesome.

So expect to be entertained but don’t expect to watch a ‘classic’ that you’ll want to watch again and again.


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