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Terminator 4 Salvation Trailer – Awesome December 10, 2008

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Yes most trailers are pretty sweet (except for Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica). The Terminator Salvation (aka T4) has got everything you could want – terminators, hunter-killers big harvestor robots all of the place

Oh and Christian Bale. Unlike the whimp on Sarah Connor Chronicles Bale is a DuDe that is entirely believeable as a leader among men.


1. Hector - December 16, 2008

Yeah it should be cool, I hope. I like the motorcycle machines, I thought the HK’s use IR and therefore you couldn’t move around during the day. Also I thought the infiltrators came along much later, as the humans became organized and posed a real threat to SKYNET. That monster thing at the end of the trailer was pretty cool too!

2. Kyle - January 11, 2009

Wow i’ve been so used to this movie.
i have this unresistible crave for the movie that waiting for it to come out will mean “what my life was meant to be…see this kick-oof the house n beyond-Movie”

3. Terminator Salvation New Trailer NIN « Show Me SciFi - March 2, 2009

[…] Kinda like Arnie in T2? I dunno we’ll see..But this trailer sure looks hot. Then again the first trailer was pretty slick […]

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