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Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 2 mid-season finale was TERRIBLE December 15, 2008

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What the frak was that? Ok sure we said last week that Sarah Connor Chronicles was a bad show but, this was the mid-season finale this week. Some early buzz said it would be a neat episode.

Yeaah neat to see a Skynet machine (what was it an HK?) from the future but again..this show is so poorly constructed from a proper dramatic narrative flow viewpoint it’s not funny.

Instead of focusing on the ‘ship’ we see Sarah’s face for most of the time..instead of action or dialogue even this show focusses on ‘dramatic pauses of nothingness’.

There are some fine actors in this show – LET THEM ACT. As it is this show is difficult to watch and impossible to follow.

It’s in the same timeslot at Big Bang Theory – which this week by the way was a great episode…and funny in a good way.


1. Hector - December 16, 2008

I’m getting a little tired of all the Christianity BS getting stuffed up our chocolate ooze holes. Ellison is a moron, and he pretty much boned every effort the woman who saved his life has made. John is a tool, Riley sucks, Cameron is still totally hot and I won’t say anything bad about her. The proto type HK thing was neat, it’s one of those flying things we see in all the future scenes. I did like how they tied all this Terminator stuff in with the UFO nutters. Sarah makes more mistakes and almost gets herself killed again. Yeah this show pretty much suck’s. If they kill off Jesse and Riley and Ellison, make Catharine Weaver aware of the Connors because of dumbass Ellison then maybe we’ve got something.

2. Vlad the Impala - December 18, 2008

This was a strange episode. Sarah is still obsessed with the three dots. We’re seeing more and more that the main characters are all damaged goods — and wouldn’t you be if you had lived through what they’ve lived through? Although I’m not a Christian, I’m fascinated to listen to Ellison’s attempts to give John Henry a conscience. (I think he’s going about it the wrong way, and things will get very interesting when John Henry asks the logical question: if humans are sacred because they were made by god, and everything was made by god, does that mean that everything is sacred? Are Terminators sacred? Is trash sacred?)

But the most important revelation of the episode was about Catherine Weaver. Her motives are becoming more clear. I’ll say no more for fear of spoilers.

I’ll be counting the days til the next episode.

3. Dr. Huh - December 22, 2008

Hector, If you’re being held against your will and forced to watch shows you don’t like, reply with three dots. Otherwise, just stop watching the show. Crazy idea, I know, but you may want to give it a thought.

4. shortstopk - December 29, 2008

I’m curious what’s wrong with the narrative flow. It’s one of the few shows I know of where characters stay true to themselves while they grow. So there’s changes, but it’s not like Galactica where this weeks version of Lee Adama really wants to be a jockey when he grows up. Or Heroes, where you have to guess which side Peter or Nathan Petrelli or Sylar or Claire will be on for the next episode.

I love the time the show takes to develop a story. It’s probably hurting it in the ratings, but it’s my favorite show on television right now.

5. J - December 30, 2008

I totally love it although the finale didn’t feel like much of a finale.

6. CJ - January 3, 2009

Oh I love reading these things where people talk about things they have no clue to…

Hector… Ever heard of story telling? Every studied philosophy… oh wait why the crap am I asking YOU this?
One of the biggest q’s in all of mankind is that of the phyce (soul for less intuitive people like Hector). Here we a show directly taking on that question of what is the phyce, where does it begin, can it be created, how does it work all in a brand new format.
I’m very particular in the time I spend in entertainment and I want something thought provoking, deep as well as fun to watch which is rare in any form of media.
Here they address major philosophical issues (which are tied into Christianity b/c oh wait… maybe modern philosophy and moral development of the west was shaped by it? NAWWW! And, maybe, b/c the majority of people in the west can at least get the idea of what the robot Cameron is hitting at when she starts talking about a God and the soul without having to go walk the audience through the entire concept… Hmm heard of good screen play and dialogue? Nope guys not.)
Its actually a very solid show, well acted and very well written that just happens to have some actual quality to it, which seems to be hard for some to swallow.

7. Pseudolife - February 12, 2009

Yeah this is a totally amazing show… even my mom likes it!

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