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BattleStar Galactica Season 4.5 (really Season 5) Trailers December 22, 2008

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Oh my – there have been a FRAKKING awesome set of Battlestar Galactica trailer in the last little while.

We decided to save you our good readers some of the effort of tracking them all down and have collected them here.

1:30 second Season 4.5 Trailer:

0:15 Kara Thrace You Will Know the Truth:

0:15 You Will Know the Truth alternate trailer:


1. Gerald Florence - December 28, 2008

Bout Fraken time. The wait has been to damn long. Best series on tv. Hopefully they give it the sendoff it deserves.

2. Riis - January 13, 2009

Help — Help!! I can’t seem to figure out when the heck the new 09 season is going to play on Sky in the UK!!!! I know the series starts on the 16th in the US but not here in the UK.

FYI — Sky TV listsings web site S*CKS!


3. joey - January 16, 2009

january 20th – not that much later than america

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