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Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor! And she’ll be back for Terminator Salvation January 16, 2009

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If you need any more proof that the current Sarah Connor Chronicles is Frakkin crap – here’s some.

Linda Hamilton – the one, the only – THE TRUE SARAH CONNOR – is likely to have a cameo in Terminator 4 – Terminator Salvation.

According to SciFi Wire:

McG (Salvation’s Director) intends to talk with original Sarah Connor Linda Hamilton soon about providing a voice-over narration—based on the tapes we see her recording for son John at the end of James Cameron’s 1984 original Terminator—to open and close the movie. “We’re in the business of doing that right now,” McG said. “So we’ll see what happens. She seems to be very supportive of the film. I look forward to showing it to her in about a week or so.” He added: “The tapes that she left for her son to be aware of what it was going to take to win the war, those are the tapes that are going to bring us in and out of the picture.”


1. ray - January 24, 2009

I’m watching Terminator right now And was searching for photos of Linda. I’m excited to hear she might be in the new movie. I think she was and still is one very attractive girl, women, and lady. In my eyes, her acting speaks for itself. Please do a good job on this episode of the Teminator. Number three in my eyes should have been “number two” if you get my meaning.

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