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Star Wars Clone Wars Picked up for Season Two February 10, 2009

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Who doesn’t like the new Star Wars Clone Wars animated series?
The animation is slick (especially the non-moving hair), the voice actors are superb and Ashoka Tano is the breakout girlie character of the entire Star Wars universe.

We’ve seen a Star Trek actor – George Takei – make an appearance and had more battles than anyone could possibly count.

It’s all good. And Cartoon Network agrees so they’ve picked up the show for another year.

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ is like nothing else on television and has delivered for us on all levels. It has helped us launch a great new night of action-adventure on Fridays,” said Stuart Snyder, president and COO of Turner Animation, Young Adults & Kids Media in a statement.


1. Obeh - February 12, 2009

Personally, I love the show. In a New Hope Obi-Wan tells Luke of how his father was a grand general in the clone wars, but we never really get to see this in the prequels. Now we can experience this. The show, while childish in some respects (the voiceover at the beginning of each episode) is very well done.

And besides, since when was Star Wars purely serious fiction anyway? People who hate Jar Jar should hate the Ewoks, by their own logic. I love Star Wars, all of it, because I’m not too picky to enjoy life!

I cannot wait for a new season of the Clone Wars!

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