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Battlestar Galactica Series Finale set for March 20th February 16, 2009

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The last episode of BSG is a two hour special set to air on March 20th at 9 pm.

If you’re a REAL fan the show will actually start at 8 pm with a replay of the March 13th episode – so you could get 3 hrs in for a full FINALE.

What will happen? I don’t know for sure but here’s my speculation.

1) BSG 75 – the old Battlestar Galactica itself will be destroyed…all those hole in her will just peel things apart.

2) We will finally learn what Kara Thrace is- which is the first human/cylon hybrid conceived by Ellen and Daniel (the #7) and/or Saul. So Kara is their baby.

3) Adama will go down with his ship and Roslyn will be at his side.

4) There will be one less GREAT FRAKKIN SHOW TO WATCH and all of us will miss the show forever after.


(oh and hey if you’ve missed episode – they won’t all be out on DVD for months but if you haven’t seen the new episodes you can pick them up on Amazon now too Battlestar Galactica season 5 aka season 4.5


1. bsgdiehardfan - February 17, 2009

the one about kara thrace was a spoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiler!!!!!


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