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Battlestar Galactica Season Five : Boomer is a Bitch February 28, 2009

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Battlestar Galactica Season 5 episode 7 (SciFi calls this season 4 episode 17  Someone to Watch Over Me

We thought Sharon Valeri – BOOMER – was actually good! that she had turned a new leaf..

even at the end of her life when she got shot by cali – it was just that there was one thing that she had no control over – so she shot Adama –

No such luck. Boomer is a baby stealing Bitch.

And poor Cheif Tyrol he has to go through the grief again and this time he helped her..and now Galactica is toast the ship will not hold together.

Will he tell Adama what happened? We think so – he’s an honest cylon but who else can keep Galactica together?

Ohh and Starbuck!! Her Dad was a Cylon then right? How else could that song trigger such a result?

Kara Thrace IS a Cylon – Human half breed she’s gotta be.  Daniel the missing number 7 cylon has to be her father.

Someone to Watch Over Me


1. skidav - March 2, 2009

Thank the Gods.

After last weeks’ “General Cylon Hospital” soapish – shark jumping attempt, I was wondering if they would get back to Battlestar Galatica.

Remember the way Starbucks mother treated her? Distant and cold, but always saying she was different in some way. Plus her resurrection pretty much confirms it. She has the quickest reflexes, the best shot, the best pilot, can punch-out other Cylons, etc..

This episode was very good and got us back on track to enjoy whats left. Even the Cylon projections and the entire mood and tone of the show were back. Starbuck projected her father. I barely caught that he wasn’t really there when the Tye came to the piano!

Without the great threat – without the BAD Cylons – without the puzzles – it just a bunch of morose space people taking short showers, eating mush, replacing fuses about the ship, and fracking their neighbor’s Cylon.

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