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Winds of Dune : REVIEW. Bronso gets distilled October 6, 2009

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winds.of.dune The Winds of Dune is the last sequel — or rather midquel – in the ongoing extended Dune series.

This book follows Paul of Dune by publication – and was originally supposed to be called Jessica of Dune. Why that name changed I don’t know.

This books is about Jessica from beginning to end. It is perhaps the most personal Jessica Atreides novel ever written as it deals with her own struggle to reconcile the legacy of her son and get along with her daughter

The secondary story – the trials of Bronso of Ix was also kinda cool and the way he met his end was shocking.

The world of Dune keeps on adding new chapters, thanks to Anderson and Herbert. Some might not like the additions, but personally I do. They keep bringing me back to Arrakis, to Paul and to Shai-Halud.

The devil – as always is in the details. Much of this book, plain and simple is filler that didn’t need to be there. Were it not for our love of all things Dune (and the need to write a review), we honestly might have given up on this book mid-way because of the extra cruft.

In the end, the journey was worthwhile and Winds of Dune is a decent read.


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