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Star Wars Death Troopers – Our Fav Book Trailer October 8, 2009

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death.troopersYeaah a book trailer.  It’s actually a great idea that book publishers (and comic publishers) should consider doing more often.

With Star Wars Death Troopers, the trailers are fan made as a result of a Del-Ray sponsored contest.

We’ll save the time and embed the best one below.  You can go vote for this one yourself over at the delray contest site too. Voting starts on October 9th and will run through October 22.

The Death Troopers book itself is out on Oct 13th


1. Bored - Michael - October 11, 2009

Like I say, it looks like it would be a cool game, or even some kind of standalone CGI movie or something but it’s actually painful to think of DelRey cramming something like this into the EU. Next their going to be having the characters flying off somewhere to celebrate Christmas or something.

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