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Stargate Universe Rush is lost in space but will Eli tell ?? December 6, 2009

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wow what another great episode –Justice
– Stargate Universe Season 1 episode 10 started off as a typical whodunnit..

But with the added who framed Col Young twist this was one interesting episode.

So..it Rush lost? Not likely, that alien ship will be his ticket back to Earth and Destiny at some point.

Will Eli tell anyone what he suspects? oohhh yeah..EVENTUALLY he will, just a question of when.


1. Kr311 - December 8, 2009

It seems that we´ll have a 4 month hiatus, so it will be a long wait to see what happens next

2. Dana - December 11, 2009

As far as SF goes, I think this series is very weak. There aren’t many SF ideas – okay, the premise itself is, and there was the “Time” episode which was kind of neat (anybody remember that ST-TNG episode in which they send back messages to themselves across the time loops?…). It’s mostly soap opera – co. Young and his wife, Eli and his longing for Chloe, Camille and her longing for Sharon, and so on and so forth. I understand that they need to build the characters but they do this without any real plot development. They want to build a character type SF drama, dark and somber like BSG was (it really looks like they are trying to copy the feel from that series), but they fall really weak on the SF side.

SG-1 was good (until the Ori at least), Atlantis was acceptable, but this… it’s really not worth watching. Oh, and Eli is soooooo annoying!!

3. Domcoppinger - December 23, 2009

Gotta say that I really like SGU! Being a Stargate junkie i was a little worried that SGU would not be like SG1 and SGA and it lived up to my fears! However I have come to realise that this is actually a good thing! The show is not trying to copy SG1 or SGA and therefore is not “getting it wrong” it can’t get it wrong as it is the way it is! And yes there could be some more plot developments or some more aliens but at the same time the lack of aliens and epic battles and galaxy saving tasks has been refreshing after the last season or so of SG1 and the films! And so maybe they could improve a bit but overall a very different and entertaining show!

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