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Star Trek: The Sexed Generation – Funny Mashup of TNG February 9, 2010

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We really miss Star Trek The Next Generation – there really isn’t a SciFi show on TV now that even comes close.

Today one of the top stories on Digg was a mashup video of some TNG goodness.

Yes the ‘words’ are taken out of context – but not always.

And oh yeah there is a full 2 minutes of nothing but Star Trek TNG explosions, from Borg to Klingons to Federation and everything in between that got blown up in that show.

It’s a real ‘blast’ to say the least.


1. stolg - February 9, 2010

Lol this was hilarious, thanks for sharing!

2. Deutsche Sternenflotte: Star Trek New Generation - February 15, 2010

[…] Star Trek: The Sexed Generation – Funny Mashup of TNG « Show Me SciFi […]

3. Tom Baker - February 24, 2010

Very funny but just a little too long. No pun intended.

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