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Caprica – Daniel Greystone finally realizes Zoe is a Cylon March 15, 2010

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Man is Caprica a slooooow show. This past week’s episode The Imperfections of Memory did however fill on some key new dramatic points.

Joseph Adama has finally made it into V-world which is great, but we suspect they’re going to stretch it out until he actually finds Tamra  – maybe 6 episodes from now at the current sloooow pacing of this show.

And finally after all this time, Daniel Greystone has finally realized that the Zoe is the cylon — but only thanks to the dog.

Lots of depth to this show, but probably a bit too much complexity to make this show have a decent pacing.

Were it not for the Battlestar Galactica connection, we’d give up on this show – at least as a weekly concern. Watching two or three episodes at a time with the fast forward button ready to go is probably the best way to watch this show now.


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