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Star Wars The Old Republic Threat of Peace comic isn’t as Epic as the video game trailer September 7, 2010

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Like everyone else, we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Star Wars The Old Republic MMO game this year (we hope!).

So we’re gobbling up every little tidbit we can, including the Dark Horse comic book series.

The first story arc of the Old Republic comic, a three issue set titled, “Threat of Peace” has now wrapped up — and we’re not too impressed.

The basic storyline is solid, a Sith/Jedi truce and the various factions, both Sith and Jedi that want to see the truce ended before it really begins.

The problem is that the story as told in this comic is very disjointed and is extremely difficult to follow. Don’t bother trying to read individual issues of this series, they simply don’t make sense. As a complete story arc – that’s a bit better as the single cell (or page) context makes more sense across three issues.

Long story short is that the Jedi themselves were trying to undercut the Sith/Jedi treaty. That part of the story was kiinda cool, but the delivery overall is weak.

The art is also relatively weak in this series and isn’t at the same level that we’re used to from Dark Horse. Perhaps we just have unrealistic expectation for this series, since the LucasArts/BioWare trailers for The Old Republic have been so awesome so far.

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