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Star Wars The Old Republic : Deceived – THE BEST TOR Book EVER! May 1, 2011

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From beginning to end, this is one of the best Star Wars books EVER written.

Sure, we kinds knew what to expect in the beginning, the good folks at BioWare have produced an awesome trailer showing Darth Malgus sacking the Jedi Temple and Coruscant.

But that’s only a small part of the story.

Who is the Sith on the cover of this book? Who is Darth Malgus?

That’s what we get insight into in a brilliant tour de force. Reading about Malgus alone would have made this book awesome, but author Paul Kemp has also given us the flip side, a Jedi deceived with Aryn Leneer. Her story of attempting vengeance and then giving mercy is the perfect foil to Malgus’ Sith mastery.

Along the way we find out about multiple layers of deception and truth with some solid dialogue and plot along the way.

This book is so good, we can hardly wait for more from Kemp and hopefully more on Darth Malgus sooner rather than later.


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2. Maloch - June 16, 2011

An incredible book! Got discouraged after writers killing off Darth Caedus and haven’t read a S.W. book since. This book is great and looks like Darth Malgus will be the sith to pre-start, in a way, the rule of two. No mention of such a thing in the book but, just read and maybe you’ll come to the same conclusion.

Thank you Paul Kemp! This was a good one!

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