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Star Wars Agent of the Empire #4 Jahan Cross Finally Lands on the Iron Eclipse April 9, 2012

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We had some doubts about this series when it first started, but Dark Horse and the GREAT John Ostrander have proven us wrong.

From first page to last, this issue gripped us with action that we couldn’t put down. Jahan Cross beds his enemies sister, then she gets toasted not by her brother as we expect,  instead the brother is killed by the robotkilling father.

Nice twist.

Now how are they going to get off the iron eclipse?

Sure Han and Chewie will just swoop in …..

Or will they?

In any event, the addition of Jahan Cross to the Star Wars canon is a great one, he’s a character that we want to see  a whole lot more of from Dark Horse in the months and years to come.


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