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Terminator 4 Won’t Star the Governator May 10, 2007

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Looks like MORE Terminator movies are on the way. According to DarkHorizons Halycyon Co has acquired the rights and is already intending on making a Terminator 4 set for a Summer 2009 release.

Neither creator James Cameron or original star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved in the project, which picks up with John Connor in his 30s leading what’s left of the human race against the machines.

Terminator 1 was an awesome movie. T2 was fantastic. T3 SUCKED.

There are some really great Terminator books out there too but they don’t follow into the T3 cannon so there is a divergent set of stories and histories. Will T4 FOLLOW the T3 CANNON? Who knows.

Will the new Dynamite Entertainment Terminator comic book series be related? again unknown.

For a film franchise that started so well with a solid time travel loop story it has gone from Science Fiction to Science NonSense.

Beyond T4 – don’t forget the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV spinoff series is also under development. Again it is unknown if/how it will relate or tie into T4.

SpiderMan 3 – Excelsior? May 7, 2007

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Like tens of millions of people around the globe this past weekend, I found myself in a theatre watching SpiderMan 3.

The black suit is no stranger for me though. I remember very well when i first read SpiderMan #252 when spidey first puts on the suits in his own title and i remember very well the Secret Wars Issue when he first finds the suit (or the suit finds him). I still own pristine mint copies of both books too.

That the suit can bend its wearer to evil is true to the comic – but of course comic book timelines are MUCH MUCH longer than a movie (though spidey 3 was WAY too long).

The Evil Spidey vs. Good Spidey contrast in the movie reminded me more of how SuperMan 3 treated good SuperMan vs Bad Superman than the way the story unfolded all those years ago in the pages of marvel comics.

In the theatre that I was at, there was plenty of laughter when MJ breaks up with Peter Parker and he starts to cry…and plenty of laaughter when ‘evil’ peter sports his flock of seaguls haircut to indicate he’s different.

Not sure if Sam Raimi intended for people to laugh..this movie isn’t a comedy after all.

Cheesy moments galore in this flic, but lots of good ones too.

Stan Lee (creator of SpiderMan) himself makes a (very) brief appearance, saying something like..’..one man can make a difference if he is the right man. Nuff Said.’

Not quite Stan.

If I had scripted your line i would have added one more word to sum this all up..


Aeon Flux – not bad, but not great February 1, 2007

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I know its been out for a while but it’s only very recently that I’ve had the chance to watch Aeon Flux. Effects, cinematography and acting are all respectable, but that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about SciFi.
(so if you’re looking for gardening you’re on the wrong site).

Aeon Flux is a decent SciFi flik. The premise of a post apocalyptic earth in some kind of rebellion is certainly not new but the film’s ‘twist’ is kind of neat. It’s too bad you’ve got to watch more than half of the movie before they finally get to the point of it though.

Having the inhabitants continually reborn as clones is a neat idea. It’s the kind of twist that SciFi must have – though in this film it’s the only real good plot idea that there actually is.

The movie did get me thinking about what else there is in the Aeon Flux world and there is plenty – well at least a comic book and an animated feature. I’ll check ’em out and report on them here soon.

Welcome to Show Me Sci Fi blog August 25, 2006

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I read and watch alot of Sci Fi stuff. Mostly just on a whim and almost never from a review. I haven’t actually found good review sources that ‘work’ for me.

That’s where this blog comes in.

It’s my take on what’s good, what’s bad, what sucks and what’s aweseome.

Hopefully it’ll help someone else out to figure out what they want to watch or read.