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Duke University Searching for – Naked Singularities September 26, 2007

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ThoughT that the only people at Duke looking for ‘naked’ were the Duke Rugby team? (i know…bad taste..)

Turns out not all Black Holes are actually – well..black.

Apparently research from Duke University think there is a way to determine whether some black holes are not actually black.

“It would show that nature has surprises even weirder than black holes,” said Arlie Petters, a Duke professor of mathematics and physics in a statement.

Since no one has even measured the core of a black hole it has been impossible to actually determine if they were in fact all black. The Duke team has a plan to figure it out.Working with research at the University of Cambridge they figure that a black hole could be shed of its event horizon and become a naked singularity if its angular momentum — an effect of its spin — is greater than its mass.

…I’m not an astrophysicist but if a black hole’s center of mass is a black dwarf that has so much gravity that all light gets sucked in..i don’t see how a naked singularity could exist unless of course..the dwarfs gravity is somehow..incomplete..

Anyways..if you’re interested in the full story check out the Duke site