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Series FINALE for Chuck – Goodbye, Good Ridance and don’t let the door hit you on the way out January 27, 2012

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Sure we liked the NBC show Chuck when it first aired – it was cool, it was funny and it was unique.

Over the years the show just went from fun to lame real fast, to the point where we haven’t been able to sit through a whole episode in some time. So we were a little surprised to see that tonight is actually the series finale.

Yeaaah we had thought this show was cancelled a long time ago.

You suck CHUCK.


Linda Hamilton Debuts on Chuck as Chuck’s Mom September 20, 2010

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Yup Scott ‘Captain Archer’ Bakula is Chuck’s dad and Linda ‘Sarah Connor’ Hamilton is Chuck’s mom.

What’s Next? Schwartzenegger is Chuck’s uncle?

All kidding aside, Hamilton is an awesome actress and to see her return to TV is great. She makes her first appearance in the Season 4 premiere tonight of Chuck and we expect that she’ll be a major character the whole season — if not longer.

Chuck : I know Kung-Fu? Chuck goes to the Matrix April 27, 2009

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Umm so now Chuck is the Neo?

What the frak was that? What a horrible BS way to end the season — and maybe the series.

So now instead of being just the intersect..they can download new skills into Chuck as he needs them.

The wedding on the beach was a nice ending — should have been a nice ending – to this show…

If Chuck comes back it’ll be very different..now he’ll be learning new skills on demand instead of just flashing.

Chuck’s Dad is Orion? oh and Scott Bakula too April 6, 2009

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chuckWow what an awesome turn of events on Chuck.

First we find out his dad is none other than Scot Bakula ..then we find out he’s FREAKIN ORION..the Dude that created the intersect in the first place.

we did not see that coming..not by a long shot. So now the whole premise of the series comes full circle.

Was it an accident that Chuck is the intersect? somehow i don’t think so.

Tricia Helfer is Chuck’s 49b Pole Dancer March 30, 2009

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Tricia Helfer is best known to SciFi fans as Caprica Six —

Tonight she made her Chuck debut as a 49B – and she was awesome wasn’t she?

No not a cylon – but a hard nose by the book US Government spy.

And how about that FRAKKIN awesome scene where she pretends to be a stripper for a bachelor party!

Let’s hope it will be a recurring role for her -and chuck.
If you missed it Amazon has the episode (officially called Chuck Versus the Broken Heart
) for you to check out.