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Star Trek Typhon Pact Rough Beasts of Empire – REVIEW – Romulans Unite as Sisko ditches his family. February 3, 2011

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Star Trek Typhon Pact Rough Beasts of Empire by David R. George III – is a decent book, though not quite as engaging as Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire (which we recently reviewed).

This book is about two things, Ben Sisko and Romulus, with a side of Tzenkethi for good measure.

The Sisko part bothered us — ALOT. This book portrayed the Emissary as a man that was able to walk out on his family. No it didn’t make sense to us either, though the author tried (unsuccessfully) to convince us otherwise.

In general the characterization and writing about Sisko was just wrong and out of character.

In contrast, the plotting with developments in the Romulan Star and Imperial State is brilliant. The tense drama was astounding and we really didn’t quite know how it would end. The manipulation of the Tzenkethi to create a new Praetor was really slick.

The overall broader tactical and strategic nature of the Typhon Pact after this is really quite different isn’t it? We’ve got a united Romulus under a non-militant Praetor and we’ve got Sela (remember her?) as the head of the T’al Sheare -neat.

A decent read and one that really extends the Typhon Pact storyline, we can hardly wait until we read the next book in this (so far) really great series.