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Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn – One of the Best Trek Books in Years September 4, 2012

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Ok we thought the first book in this series – Plagues of Night – was a little slow. This book is wall to wall, cover to cover excitement making this an awesome read.

DS9 as we know it is no more.


The head of the Tal Shi’ar imprisoned and the Alpha Quadrant cutoff from the Gamma.


The pure size of the plot shifts that happen in this book are massive and a delight to this Star Trek fan. No shortage of action or drama in this brilliantly crafted and written book – Highly recommended (but read Plagues of Night first!)

Star Trek Typhon Pact Plagues of Night – SLOW start, Awesome finish September 4, 2012

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This books was difficult to read – well at least the first two thirds of it.
Then the action kicked in.
If you can get through the ridiculously long and overdone setup in this book you’re in for a real treat.

The big finale that this book leads to reshapes the Star Trek canon as we know it. It is a must read for all Star Trek fans that are following this continuing saga…word of warning though…this book won’t make any sense unless you’ve read the Destiny series or the previous 4 Typhon Pact books.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) Action Figures – Not too Hard to Find and not too Expensive January 25, 2008

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For whatever reason we had the sudden urge to find some Star Trek Deep Space Nine (DS9) toys. Likely it’s because when I looked at the shelf I suddenly realized that DS9 is poorly represented in the collection. But hey here at ShowMeSciFi.com we don’t buy stuff without first seeing what market is like so..

How about a (semi) complete DS9 Playmates Action Figure set?

Set Includes: Dax, Dr Bashir, Odo, Chief O’Brien, Jake Sisko, Mr Worf, Nog, Morn, Gul Dukaat, Garak and Q

The auction on this closed today for only…get this $20.49 – check it out for yourself Star Trek DS9 Complete Playmate Action Figure Set

But look closing soon is another auction and it may well be cheaper and offer better value too.
1993 Playmates Star Trek Deep Space Nine DS9 – Set of 9 Currently the bid on this set is only $8.98, all the toys are in boxes and it includes
and MORN. ** UPDATE** This auction closed at $10.50 !! (what a deal!!)

Now auctions come and go so it’s hard to see what will be available when ..but if you’re willing to pay a set price you can try and cobble together a decent little collection from eBay Stores too. Hard to say if it’s always more money – though it might be – but hey some of these toys are hard to find. Check out – All Deep Space Nine Playmates toys on eBay Stores for youself and good luck!