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Star Wars the Force Unleashed – For Nokia cellphones?? December 5, 2007

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All the trailers we’ve seen so far make Star Wars The Force Unleashed look awesome.

Now apparently the game is also coming for the Nokia N-Gauge system..and the trailer is…well..it’s somewhat less the awesome.

The sound sucks the game play choppy and effects are weak. Hopefully that’s just problems with Nokia and not the game itself.

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption : Not Great SciFi But Great Gaming October 13, 2007

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Big bad weird looking dudes spreading seeds all over the galaxy and you’ve got to stop them. That’s the basic premise of Metroid Prime 3 Corruption.

The Corruption part is this phazon stuff that feeds both the bad guys and the hero Samus Aran ..it gives you great power but if you overload you corrupt.

Basic SciFi stuff but the gaming side is SOLID. Moving about with the Wiimote and Numchuck is awesome, slick and seemless. The Metroid 3 gaming experience really is unlike any other first person shooter ever created. It’s that much fun.

My basic issues with this are the same basic issues i generally have with all FPS console games : You can’t save on demand and there is always a BOSS that you need to eliminate to make it to the next level. Sure that’s expected but COME ON…that’s just so boring.

That said Metroid Prime 3 Corrupoint is highly recommended as a must have…but I suspect I’ll be trading mine back well before Star Wars The Force Unleashed is available – though Samus is cool and all – Vader’s Secret apprentice is going to be a whole lot cooler. Though Samus has some neat weapons…Samus doesn’t have a lightsaber either.

Star Wars PSP available Oct 9th October 1, 2007

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No It’s not a joke. The Sony PSP – that’s the thinner, lighter and more powerful PSP is almost here in a special Star Wars Edition.

Check out the real pic on the left !

The Star Wars PSP is available only in a bundle with LucasArts Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron which is only available on the PSP.

The bundle is officially available on Oct 9th and the initial pricing has it at $199.