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John Hodgeman is a PC Cylon Doctor September 24, 2008

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John Hodgeman – you know the dude who does PC on the Apple commercial (and former staffer on John Stewart’s Daily Show) is coming to Battlestar Galactica.

Apparently he’s playing a doctor in an upcoming episode of Galactica. In an interview with Wired Hodgeman says:
Well, I always had this desire to celebrate and somehow be a part of things that I thought were really great. When I wrote about Battlestar Galactica for The New York Times Magazine in 2005, I was mainly geeking out about the fact that I was standing on the set, you know? So it was very unnerving and surreal to go from being the guy who wrote about Galactica to making a cameo appearance as a doctor in an upcoming episode.

Uh huh. Blue screen of death for the Cylons then – those toasters are scrap metal now.