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Han Solo was supposed to Shag a Wookie November 21, 2008

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wookieThat’s right – Han Solo originally was supposed to be married to a wookie. So Solo would have had his own ‘shag carpet’ if you will. And no I don’t think it was a gay thing with Chewbacka either.

Seriously though it’s true.

In an interview up on StarWars.com celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special

According to Lenny Ripps: Co-Author, Original Script the Holiday Special, Han Solo was supposed to be married to a wookie and was in fact raised by wookies.

Pat Proft corroborates it and an early draft of the Star Wars script (January 28, 1975) has Han Solo living with a furry female creature who he kisses. Proft also remembers learning that Han was raised by Wookiees, which is verified on pages 46 & 131 of Laurent Bouzereau’s Star Wars: The Annotated Screenplays.