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Star Wars Vector – First Images Released January 25, 2008

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vector1.pngStar Wars Vector – the comic book event of the year is coming next week from Dark Horse.

All Dark Horse Star Wars titles will be pulled in stretching a massive 4,000 year scope.

There has been massive speculation about how it all ties together with few details shared thus far.

vector2.pngBut in a set of preview panes that Dark Horse has made available for the first issue of Vector (appearing in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic #25)

It clearly looks like they’re going to draw the connection very early on .

Hard to say quite what the issue is but until i see otherwise i think it’s a massive Sith…not the Dark Jedi Sith..the ancient Sith..plot spanning the generations.

Then again with Vader apparently fighting alongside Luke and Cade Skywalker as well as Zayne Carrick maybe the Sith aren’t the prob…. we’ll find out soooon!

No Flow Walking in Star Wars Vector Event September 25, 2007

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Though Dark Horse just officially announced Star Wars Vector in a press release this week – it looks like Star Wars Legacy author John Ostrander has already made his thoughts known about the cross-overl.

Apparently Ostrander has pledged that there will be no flow walking!! (WHEW!)

no word on how the characters will (or won’t) travel between time periods or how the periods will actually be connected.

Also according to Ostrander the idea is to attract more readers, even though Star Wars is selling well.

Are we desperate for new readers? No. LEGACY, for example, is selling well. Would we like MORE readers? You bet. Everyone publishing comics would. You SW fans are swell; I love you guys — but if we’re going to attract new readers, we need to go where those readers are and say “Hi”. Non-SW readers; we want them to find out that these are just good comics PERIOD. How do we do that? Best way would be to tell one heck of a good story. We believe we have one.

VECTOR will provide a good jumping on point for new readers in all the books. Are we forgetting the readers that came to the dance with us? Not at all. Can we make it work? Oh yeah. Do I think you’ll like it? Most of you — yeah.

Count ShowMeSciFi.com in as a FAN for sure. With Ostrander at the helm we have nothing to fear. I suspect we’ll be looking at some ancient Sith or Jedi item or event as the cornerstone that carries through all the titles – sort of like rift in Star Trek All Good Things Must Come To An End – wouldn’t that be awesome?