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Stargate Atlantis Season 6 January 12, 2009

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stargate.atlantisStargate Atlantis producer Joe Mallozzi has a lot of ideas for Stargate Atlantis season 6.

While Season five episode 20 – the 100th episode for the show overall marked the series finale – it wasn’t originally supposed to be that way. Season five was supposed to be the gateway to a new awesome story arc of Season 6.

“It was also intended to be the launching point for a very interesting early season 6 scenario,” Mallozzi blogged. ” With Atlantis back on Earth, why the hell would the I.O.A. ever let it go? And if it remained, which, by all indications seemed likely, what would become of its occupants, especially Ronon and Teyla? Also, with a permanent station in the Milky Way, wouldn‘t Atlantis, logically, cease to be a launch point for gate travel and, instead, become a research center for Ancient technology? Well, I guess you’ll never know the answer to these questions…”

Actually we’ll find out some of them in the Stargate Atlantis movies – but still…Atlantis as a regular weekly series still apparently had a lot of gas left it in when Sci Fi Channel pulled the plug. What a shame.

Stargate Atlantis Series Finale S05E20 January 11, 2009

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Goodbye Stargate Atlantis – we’re sad to see you go.

The final episode of Stargate Atlantis was one of the best ever for the series – with the Wraith finally reaching Earth – and with Atlantis finally reaching Earth.

But the big battle – wasn’t nearly as great as when the G’ould in Stargate SG-1 attacked Earth was it? This sure was a whole lot more low key.

And what’s the deal with having no one in the Weapons chair empty? Sure Sheppard could fly the 302s but isn’t there anyone else on Earth (like O’Neil??) who could have sat in the chair too? Seemed kind of dumb.

But great to see Ronon die and come back and then get a girlfriend. Always good to see the Golden Gate Bridge though – would have more fun if they landed in New York City.

Unlike the final episode of Stargate SG-1 this was better series finale – sure there are loose ends but nothing like the crap SG-1 left us with.

The Wraith are still out there, Todd is on Earth and Pegasus Galaxy needs defending…but I suppose we’ll get that in upcoming Stargate Atlantis movies – no word yet on when those movie might show up – but hopefully they’ll be sooner rather than later.

Stargate Atlantis ends at a better time than SG-1 , since the primary enemy is still out there and there is lots more room to explore. Still it’s sad to see the show gone and Friday nights won’t be the same..

BUT HEY! Battlestar Galactica is back next week!