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Torchwood Children of Earth Looks Really LAME February 5, 2009

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Yes we were fans of Torchwood in the begining. But then the show started to get super obvious and far too cliched.

Now there is a new trailer out for the upcoming season three and it gives little reason to think that season three will change our perceptions.

How many times can aliens come to Earth and take over human conciousnesses without it become trite?


Torchwood Gets Torched by BBC with Only 5 new episodes for 2009 June 3, 2008

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We’re not big Torchwood fans here at but it is a show that can grow on you…that is if it were allowed to grow.

The braniacs that run BBC have somehow decided that for season 3 of Torchwood there will only be five episodes.

What’s the POINT?! And how do these people get jobs working with SciFi? They obviously just want to taunt fans and drive audience interest down.

Sarah Jane Adventures Coming to SciFi – TONIGHT April 11, 2008

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Dr. Who used to be available in the US only on PBS.

Then the new stuff became available on BBC America.

Then Torchwood came to BBC America

But Sarah Jane Adventures is coming to a new network..NBC Universal’s Sci Fi Channel as part of the Friday night lineup headlined by Battlestar Galactica.

I always liked Sarah Jane..she’s a quirky companion. From what i’ve read about the show it’s likely something that i’m either going to really like or hate…I guess we’ll just have to watch.

Torchwood 2×1 Kiss Kiss Bang Bang comes to America January 26, 2008

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While Torchwood’s actors are really solid and the plots are great..once again the low budget BBC special effects make this show a joke.

The ‘fish’ alien in the beginning of the episode was such a poor mask and totally unbelievable. And what was with all the same 1977 era Star Wars holoprojections? come on…it’s 30 yrs later get with the times.

But hey if you can look beyond the low budget special effects there is a show to watch. Jack and John – neat. Gwen taking full control also great.

The actors make this show work – always have – and hopefully they will for a long time to come too.

Torchwood Season Two starts on Jan 16 January 4, 2008

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There are aliens in Cardiff?!

Apparently so. Though it took a few episodes till we got into Torchwood it has turned out to be a really neat little show. At first I thought it would be a lame Dr Who spinoff, but Torchwood is anything but. Episode after episode show well plotted and thought out shows that are matched with a fine cast.
Thankfully BBC realizes they’ve got a winner and are set to do the Second season premiere exclusively on BBC Two on 16 January 2008.On BBC America, Series 2 will premiere on January 26, 2008.

I suspect that really keen fans in the US won’t wait the extra two weeks and will find other means to get at the shows. The BBC has gone to extraodinary measures to try and withold information from Americans about Torchwood – in fact the main BBC Torchwood site restricts access and does not show any content if it detects you have an American IP address.

Thankfully YouTube knows no such boundaries..check out the trailer for yourself

**UPDATE**! Thanks to John Campbell Rees for noticing that our original YouTube link had been pulled (guess the BBC is serious about not letting stuff out)..but thanks to John here’s an even better promo from BBC America.

This is the original BBC UK one..