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Star Trek The Next Generation Yesterday’s Enterprise Turns 22 February 19, 2012

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It was 22 yrs ago that the Enterprise B helped defend the Klingon Khitomer outpost against a Romulan attack…

WOW does time fly, tonight is officially 22 years since Star Trek TNG 3×15 Yesterday’s Enterprise was first aired. It is easily our favorite TNG episode for so many reasons and the fact that tonight is 22 yrs after it first aired brings back a rush of memories.

REMEMBER when we all waited for new Star Trek episodes week after week? TNG has very few bad episodes and we were always treated to amazing content. Yesterday’s Enterprise went above and beyond though.

We got the return of Tasha Yaar (and not as the Romulan Commander Seeyla); We had a dark world where the collars were just a bit higher, every ship officer on the Enterprise carried a side arm and Klingons were on the verge of toppling the Federation.

Who didn’t get goose bumps when Picard tells the Commander of the Enterprise B in hushed tones that the war was going much worse than was commonly known..and that one ship in the hear and now wouldn’t make a difference but 22 yrs ago in the past it would.

Klingons vs the Federation as it should be…if only for an episode with battle, timeline issues and Picard at his finest hour..and then once the ship goes back in the rift…it’s all good again.

22 years, time does fly. Man do we miss that show..