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Star Wars Comics : Crimson Empire – Council of Blood January 4, 2007

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Star Wars: Crimson Empire – Council of Blood TPB

Following the death of Imperial Guard turncoat Carnor Jax at the hand of the last Guard, Kir Kanos, the Galactic Empire suddenly finds itself devoid of a leader, and an Interim Council is assembled to rule the Empire until a new Emperor can be selected.

Crimson Empire II fills in an interesting gap in the Star Wars cannon following the destruction of the second Death Star orbiting above the forest moon of Endor.

Crimson Empire II is a riveting read, I enjoyed ever page of plot development and story. The artwork isn’t the best I’ve ever seen in a Star Wars comic but it’s not terrible either.

The cheesy ending where Kir Kanos continues to pledge his loyalty to an Empire that no longer really exist is a bit lame but i suppose it leaves the door open to Crimson Empire III if such a book will ever occur.

I totally recommend this book and I suggest that anyone that has interest in the early days of the New Republic will as well.


1. zekukith - January 4, 2007

sounds good. please check my blog, I have reviews of Star Wars legacy
take care

2. kidpieces - January 5, 2007


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