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Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic issue # 13 February 9, 2007

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Issue 13 kicks of a new story arc that may have some real legs to it. The last story arc concluded in issue 12 . Basically what happens is Zayne Carrick sticks with Gryph the con artist while the others leave on the Last Resort.

Zayne and Gryph ultimately end up with a ship that takes them right back into the thick of things with the Republic Fleet.

Not a bad story but not the best yet either. Another incremental tale that gets things going without being overly dramatic itself.

Maybe I’m being a bit harsh…the story does end with an assasin droid (as seen on the cover) revealing itself to the crew of the Last Resort…oohhh I wonder if they’ survive…guess we’ve got to wait till the next issue to find out.

AND I suppose the funkly lightsaber repelling arm braces that Zayne ends up are kinda cool too. If Luke had a pair of those he probably wouldn’t have lost his arm.


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