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Stephen King’s Dark Tower coming to the Big Screen February 26, 2007

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First it was the books, now a comic book prequel and sometime soon…..A MOVIE.

Stephen King has confirmed that the Dark Tower movie is a go ahead.

According to a published report on SciFi.com King reportedly announced the news at the new york comic con.

I said no to everybody until recently, because I didn’t think much of the chances of it being a good movie,” King said in a panel discussion launching Marvel Comics’ new Dark Tower comic books at the New York City Comic Con on Feb. 24. “I mean, this is my life’s work, since the time I was 22 years old. It’s very important to me. Usually, with the other [books], I don’t give much of a s–t. My attitude is, ‘Go make a movie, and if it’s good, that’s terrific, and if it’s bad, then it will go to the video stores and back shelves of Blockbuster, and I still get royalties on the book.'”

The task of converting the Dark Tower saga will fall to Lost co-creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof. Considering how massive each of the Dark Tower books are and how ridiculously complicated and intertwined the story is i can hardly imagine how Dark Tower can become a single movie.

I can’t even imagine it becoming a three movie trilogy setup like Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.

So how are they gonna do it?..Here’s my suggestion the prequel comic book series looks to be totally self contained..maybe the movie could be the prequel?


1. jennifer optional nehrbass - March 10, 2007

stephen king tiptoed into my imagination
and continues to startle me
as i round corners
i understood that our society is like that runaway train
on a suicide mission
but i didn’t have the words or should i say, metaphor
until i read the dark towers
i also used it, in some transcendental way, to heal from major losses
and to walk away or stay
with insight
i am now retiring after 25 years of practicing criminal and divorce law, a trial lawyer who tried to heal the world instead of cursing it.
i also lost my daughter to a methadone overdose last year, a 20 year old who was bred by our culture to be an excitement junkie and to expect something for nothing, hope overriding cynicism in the search for love from whoever and whenever; buried her on April Fool’s day.
I am going to reread the series, so i can escort my sweet husband freighted with the loss on a road of discovery instead of despair.

like that old classic Women Who Run With The Wolves, there is much to be learned from the tales

don’t let them hijack your heart, your art
like the artist Munch (The Scream), journaling: my art is like my children, of me but with a life of their own

jennifer stuller nehrbass
lafayette, louisiana
home to Hurricane Katrina and Rita survivors. Please don’t forget what it must be like to lose a home underneath 29 feet of water.

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3. Beverly Steele Ciko - March 26, 2008


I feel your pain! I also lost my daughter, Laurie Leigh Ciko on 2 7 92 to suicide. What horrible pain to lose a child! I congratulate you on your retirement. Well spoken!! I also retired on July 1, 2007. The University of Southern Mississippi, Department of English,was good to me. Take care of you and yours.

May the spirit be with you

“Beverly Steele Ciko

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