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Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #5 : The Lab November 4, 2007

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“All this has happened before and it will happen again”

WOWOWOWOW. The flashbacks have all been awesome so far but this one really raises an incredible number of questions.

Adama stumbles onto a Cylon lab – obviously they’re experimenting on humans to try and make a biological cylon…or are they?

There is enough doubt and clues planted that the Cylon could very well have been biological beings to begin with..

The most curious line in the whole two minutes — all this has happened before and will happen again – was that just a voice in Adama’s head? the Fifth Cylon?

I don’t know…but I do know that these flashback – while only 2 minutes in length are excellent entertainment.

If you’re outside the US and don’t have the stomach for Flash BS – here’s the vid for your viewing pleasure..


1. roberto - November 4, 2007

there isthe questions… adama is a cylon?? number five?

2. Chris - November 5, 2007

Can you elaborate on the clues you’ve noticed that suggest the Cylons were originally biological?

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