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Battlestar Galactica Razor on DVD – You Ain’t Seen Nuthing Yet Nuggets! December 4, 2007

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Thought you saw Battlestar Galactica Razor last week?


The DVD’s got extra scenes, extra language and extra features…This is the definitive version.

Oh and it’s out TODAY.

Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #7 – The War is Over November 18, 2007

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From the first 2 minute flashback to this – the last 2 minute Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback – this has been 14 full minutes of frakking awesome good SciFi.

We’ve never known the suddenness of how the first Cylon War ended – now we do. The preview also has all kind of hidden meaning and Adama’s discovery of the human prisoners is likely somehow related to the new biological cylons.

If you haven’t seen it yet ENJOY. The DVD version of Razor should have all this on it (plus a few extras) but for now..this will do…

Initial Battlestar Galactica Razor Review in one word – AWESOME November 14, 2007

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We’ve heard from a few people that made it out to the free advance showing of Battlestar Galactica Razor the other day..

Apparently Jamie Bamber (Apollo) was at the Seattle showing (thnx ODA!).

In general all the comments pointed to one singular conclusion.

One single word to sum it all up.


Those that missed out get to watch it on TV in 10 days on Nov. 24th!!

Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #5 : The Lab November 4, 2007

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“All this has happened before and it will happen again”

WOWOWOWOW. The flashbacks have all been awesome so far but this one really raises an incredible number of questions.

Adama stumbles onto a Cylon lab – obviously they’re experimenting on humans to try and make a biological cylon…or are they?

There is enough doubt and clues planted that the Cylon could very well have been biological beings to begin with..

The most curious line in the whole two minutes — all this has happened before and will happen again – was that just a voice in Adama’s head? the Fifth Cylon?

I don’t know…but I do know that these flashback – while only 2 minutes in length are excellent entertainment.

If you’re outside the US and don’t have the stomach for Flash BS – here’s the vid for your viewing pleasure..

Adama Beats Cylon Senseless with a pipe! Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #4 October 27, 2007

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Take that you Frakker!

WOW – first Adama wrestles with a classic era cylon while hurtling into the atmosphere in his space suit…

Then he crash lands through a window and beats the cylon to death with a steel pipe.

You gotta see this…

See Battlestar Galactica Razor – in the theatre – for free October 23, 2007

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That’s right frakkers! no need to wait till Nov 24.  Just be one of the lucky ones that gets in to see Battlestar Galactica Razor in a movie theatre and be the envy of all SciFi geekdom.

 According to the Chicago Tribune: There will be free screenings of the film in movie theaters in eight cities on Nov. 12: Los Angeles, New York/New Jersey, San Francisco, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and, yes, Chicago. The screenings will take place at multiple locations in each city, but all of the screenings will be on the evening of Nov. 12.

Admission is free, but those who want to see “Razor” at a movie theater must first register at the site battlestarevent.com. The site will not go live until Friday. Repeat: The site will not go live until Friday. Seat registrations will be given away first-come, first-serve.

Then again it looks like the definitive version will be the DVD which comes out in December. The movie version will Nov. 12 event will be around 84 minutes long. A 101-minute version of the film, which will be released on DVD on Dec. 4.\

Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #3 October 21, 2007

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Where Are You Frakker?

Bill ‘Husker’ Adama

Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #3 is easily the best of the bunch so far with 2 minutes of non-stop action.

Classic Vipers take on Classic Cylon Raiders – in a word – AWESOME.

The actor player the young Admiral Adama is also very very good – and I for one would certainly pay to see a whole series – or movie – just dealing with this first Cylon war.

If you haven’t seen the preview yet (cause you’re smart and can’t stand Flash Gordon – which is easily the worst show ever produced by SciFi) here’s ya go…enjoy!

Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback #2 October 15, 2007

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The second Battlestar Galactica Razor Flashback is now out. Long and the short of it is that Adama loses his bunk buddy from the first flashback …and so his hatred of the Cylon is ignited..

For those of you outside the US – here’s a link to the clip