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Stephen King Dark Tower Long Road Home #5 July 14, 2008

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So Finally we’ve reached the fifth and final issue of this second Dark Tower series.

This series was not like the first – it lacked the plot progression and the drama of the first.

Sure the art was spellbounding to say the least…but after reading this series for 5 issues what really happens?

For this entire series until this final issue Roland is stuck in the grapefruit talking with the Crismon King.

Yes it’s solid plot development stuff but in a five issue series it wasn’t enough.  In our review for issue #4 last month we wrote that it was obvious what would happen next.

Roland comes home with his ka-tet. hurray.

This five issue story arc would have worked well inside of a larger story – which ultimately is what it will be as the next Dark Tower series is set to begin this September.

Let’s hope it packs more action and movement than this one…


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