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Stephen King’s Under the Dome Set for 13 week Run on CBS starting in June April 1, 2013

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Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 10.42.29 PM What happens when an otherwise normal town is cut off from the rest of civilization by an unknown dome?

That’s what Stephen King’s book Under the Dome: A Novel
released in 2010 is all about

Now that book is being translated into a 13 week mini-series for CBS set to debut in June.

Looks interesting but seriously 13 weeks? I don’t think so. this isn’t Dark Tower it’s just one novel and it’s not worth 13 weeks…

Stephen King The Dark Tower headed to big and little screens September 9, 2010

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It looks like at long last, Stephen King’s The Dark Tower saga is going to get  dramatic treatment.

How the frak the massive canon that is Dark Tower will be delivered on screen is beyond our small brains. Apparently there will be at least three movies and also a TV series to help fill in the blanks.

In our view, trying to capture the brilliance that is Dark Tower on screen will be an impossible task.

Then again, we’ve been big fans of Marvel’s Dark Tower comic book prequel…so is Universal Pictures could start there, we’d be pretty stoked.

Stephen King Dark Tower Treachery : Roland’s Mama March 3, 2009

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The final issue of Stephen King Dark Tower Treachery – #6 was easily the best issue of the series. Sure issue 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 all had their moments but nothing like the end of this issue.

This issue in one masterful stroke brings together the three key threads of this whole series:


Roland’s Mom

and Merlyn’s Grapefruit.

There is no crimson king and the ‘Good Man’ Farson doesn’t swoop in. But there is a finality to this issue as Roland forgets the face of his mother as he fires his gun into her chest.

All in all though..this series was enjoyable – though at $4 an issue a bit too expensive for us given the current economy…though the next episode in this saga is a one-shot issue..

Stephen King Dark Tower Treachery #5 Kiss the Devil February 6, 2009

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Finally this drawn out series is drawing to a close at a good pace.

Last issue Roland finally gave up the grapefruit and we learned that his mom was still a beatch.

Now we see his mom’s treachery almost reach its climax…

Why Cort didn’t stop the dude from messing with his riddles – i dunno

But what thing for sure in this issue is that Roland now is finally shaping up to be the character we all know and love from the Dark Tower books.

Stephen King Dark Tower Treachery #4 Who wants a grapefruit? January 6, 2009

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Roland gives up the grapefruit and gives it to his father. It is totally ridiculous how long Peter David has strung this story line out…and it’s a damn shame too.

This serious is a good one but stretching out plot elements needlessly is just shameful.

That said – now we’ve got some forward motion here again and Treachery is all around.

Roland’s mom and Farson are all converging toward the climax of this series which should be a real winner.

Stephen King Dark Tower Treachery #3 Roland’s Mom Is a Witch November 22, 2008

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Again very little of Roland in this book — but we know he’ll drop out of his funk soon enough.

Why Steven Deschain left his wife alive after finding out about her evil is beyond me – but now with her going back to his enemy…well we know where this will end up.

As always a riveting issue from an imagery point of view – but again one that is a bit too plodding for me with little action – and mostly plot development –

Well except for Aileen who met in the last issue – i don’t think she ends up with Roland thought that’s clearly Cort’s plan.

Stephen King Dark Tower Treachery #2 Here come the Jillies! October 14, 2008

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Another female character! but this time it’s not a regular jilly – this time it’s a gunslinger. Aileen neice of Cort is a piece of work ain’t she?

Beyond that new character – we don’t have a whole lot going on here do we? No Roland (though his ka-tet is here) and Roland’s Father (whose face he still remembers) dispatches a few of Farson’s men (hooray!).

With this being a six issue series – i suspect that Marvel will stretch this out a bit – but I sure do hope we see a little more action next issue (and more of Aileen too).

Stephen King Dark Tower Long Road Home #5 July 14, 2008

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So Finally we’ve reached the fifth and final issue of this second Dark Tower series.

This series was not like the first – it lacked the plot progression and the drama of the first.

Sure the art was spellbounding to say the least…but after reading this series for 5 issues what really happens?

For this entire series until this final issue Roland is stuck in the grapefruit talking with the Crismon King.

Yes it’s solid plot development stuff but in a five issue series it wasn’t enough.  In our review for issue #4 last month we wrote that it was obvious what would happen next.

Roland comes home with his ka-tet. hurray.

This five issue story arc would have worked well inside of a larger story – which ultimately is what it will be as the next Dark Tower series is set to begin this September.

Let’s hope it packs more action and movement than this one…

Stephen King Dark Tower : The Long Road Home #4 June 11, 2008

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Sheemie is going to save Roland??!

Get outta here.

This is how you know this is not Stephen King but another writer…or maybe I’m wrong…

Another solid story overall as the bipolar plot line continues with Roland still stuck in the sphere and the rest of the ka-tet outside fighting off the wolves…

Art as always is solid – if not disturbing.

Only one more to go and it’s painfully obvious what will happen (or is it?) should be another real keep and we can hardly wait.

Stephen King Dark Tower : The Long Road Home #3 REVIEW May 13, 2008

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Will Roland ever wake up?

This is yet another solid issue..though most of this series our hero has been stuck in the sphere  (maerlyn’s grapefruit) — which is also neat.

but there is no forward motion in the plot. The art is awesome and dark…but Roland and his ka-tet stay put as the bad guys (and wolves) advance.

I’m looking forward to the end of the sphere when the ka-tet finally make their way home.

This is certainly a


Stephen King Dark Tower The Long Road Home #2 April 9, 2008

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The second issue of Long Road Home is almost as awesome as the first issue.

Again — awesome art.

The ka-tet continues to make its way home, albeit slowly as Roland remains trapped mentally in the sphere.

Not a tremendous amount of plot development, as opposed to travel, but still entertaining.

This is the kind of thing that in a book would be a chapter you’d read through quickly just to see where they end up…unfortunately for us we’re stuck reading this as a monthly now…which is really the only downside to this comic.

Who in their sane mind would want to wait a month in between reading chapters of Dark Tower???

Stephen King – Dark Tower The Long Road Home #1 March 20, 2008

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What an awesome first issue.

Roland is already messed up from seeing poor Susan Delgado and then he gets sucked into …what was that thing?

Awesome art as always and what a great opening issue for what looks to be another great Dark Tower series.

The only drawback is that with the comics we wait month to month to read more — and i don’t want to wait!