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Galaxy Quest Returns in Global Warning #1 September 1, 2008

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Galaxy Quest (the movie) is now ‘classic’ SciFi movie stuff..but though the movie did well in the theater it never got a sequel (or even a prequel).  That changes now thanks to comic book publisher IDW and the new Galaxy Quest Global Warning series.

First off this is great stuff and if you’re a fan of the movie you must buy this comic.

The storyline is simple enough, the series (after the events of the movie) is getting picked up again by the networks, but just as that’s about to happen a ship appears over Earth…

The pacing and dialogue of this comic match the movie perfectly. The artwork is the weak link but it’s easily forgivable once you get past the first few pages.  A thoroughly enjoyable romp and one that we’ll be eagerly waiting for the next issue on..

Don’t remember Galaxy Quest (the movie)…the trailer has some of the best parts…


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