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Galaxy Quest Global Warming #5 – What a Lame ending! January 6, 2009

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So that’s it for the Galaxy Quest comic book – after 5 issues.

The first issue of this series was great after that it’s been all downhill with each issue stupider than the next.

Issue #5 is so pathetic i wish i could get a refund for it.

How do our heroes save Earth? Beats me. I think it’s cause they use the word ‘maybe’  on the Judgement ship.

It just doesn’t make any sense at all.

It’s too bad too, this series started out so well, but IDW just sort left it out in the cold to twist in the wind without proper plot oversight.

GalaxyQuest Global Warning #3 Review October 17, 2008

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FINALLY the crew get into space again..but not a whole lot happens here..till the final page.

The Thermian’s are on the way..but it looks like the humans are on there own. Overall a decent in-between issue that sets up some plot to come.

In the next issue we’ll finally see what this judgment ship is all about and who the dominatrix is that commands it. Want to take bets that Taggert has a ‘thing’ for this female destroyer of worlds?

So far this series has been a worthy successor to the GalaxyQuest movie and hey maybe this will be the basis of a sequel movie one day? We can only hope……….

GalaxyQuest Global Warning #2 September 11, 2008

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The second issue of Galaxy Quest from IDW is out and unfortunately it’s not as good as the first one —

This whole issue is about the back story – how we got to the point our heroes were at in the first issue..

To be fair it’s good solid stuff that needs to be told – like what happened immediately after the Protector crashed into the fan convention? How did the show get picked up again?

Still we’re always looking for an advancing plot and that’s likely what the next 2 issues should be all about…we have yet to see the new bad guys but we do know that our heroes will…


Galaxy Quest Returns in Global Warning #1 September 1, 2008

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Galaxy Quest (the movie) is now ‘classic’ SciFi movie stuff..but though the movie did well in the theater it never got a sequel (or even a prequel).  That changes now thanks to comic book publisher IDW and the new Galaxy Quest Global Warning series.

First off this is great stuff and if you’re a fan of the movie you must buy this comic.

The storyline is simple enough, the series (after the events of the movie) is getting picked up again by the networks, but just as that’s about to happen a ship appears over Earth…

The pacing and dialogue of this comic match the movie perfectly. The artwork is the weak link but it’s easily forgivable once you get past the first few pages.  A thoroughly enjoyable romp and one that we’ll be eagerly waiting for the next issue on..

Don’t remember Galaxy Quest (the movie)…the trailer has some of the best parts…